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A Tradition
Al and Mabel Jensen

Pete and Al Jensen

Doron Jensen

The Jensen family has been in the restaurant business for 50 years. In 1947 Doron Jensen's grandfather Al and his brother Pete Jensen founded Jensen's Cafe in Fremont, Nebraska. Doron started his restaurant career working for his grandfather at the cafe. When Al died in 1979 Doron wanted to takeover Jensen's Cafe but he was too young at the time.

Doron worked in the chain-restaurant business for many years, including founding a local steak house chain. He eventually grew tired of chains and wanted to start a "Local Landmark Restaurant" dedicated to his grandparents. In 1996, Jensen's Supper Club was born.

Jensen's Supper Club was born with the idea that Supper Clubs belonged to the community. The 40's and 50's were the glory eras for Supper Clubs and they evoked a sense of occasion. It was a special place to celebrate with your family.

Jensen's Supper Club pursues this mission. A place not merely to dine, but to celebrate!